Friday, February 7, 2014

O Christmas Tree

The weekend after Thanksgiving we drove home from Paris straight to the Christmas tree farm.  We were excited to cut down our tree and start the Christmas Fun!  Last year the day after we cut a tree down was the day I had my heart attack.  We were VERY thankful to not be dealing with any medical drama this year!!!  

Jaylie is a mean mugger as you can see.  

We searched and searched and analyzed the shape, hight, color, width, "bad sides", and overall look of each tree until we finally settled on this one.  Daddy had lots of help cutting it down. 

This is a blurry picture of Jaylie June's ducktail curl. 

The worker told the boys they could help him drive.  They were very excited! 

The next day I took the boys to Target to let them pick out an ornament.  

It came as no surprise that they went for the characters...

Quinn and Captain America

Kanyon and Jake. 

They had fun admiring their guys hanging from the tree.  

Jaylie is quite fond of birds and gets very excited when she sees one so we knew we wanted to pick out a bird for her.  There was only one bird ornament.  She was very pleased.  

klp had been talking not stop about putting the star on top of the tree so with a little help from KLP, the start was placed to finish out our tree!

Christmas PJ's by the tree. Man oh man oh man I love these. (even though I was missing my tree skirt) 

Stone Face Jaylie was not cracking a smile, so Dad had to up his game to get her laughing.....

It was a fun start to the Christmas season and a special way to spend our last month in our house.

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