Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quinn turns 4

This is how old he used to be.....

and this is how old he is now!

We made a birthday chain for him to cut off a link every day leading up to his birthday.  Here he is cutting off the last one! 

Proudly displaying his final link to age 3

The plan was for us to go to Paris and celebrate his birthday with all the cousins.  But a big ice storm ransacked Paris and the whole town was out of power and that just didn't sound like a party to us.  So we stayed in Longview and my parents left the icy, powerless Paris behind and came to our house.  Our "party" consisted of inviting a couple of friends over after church to eat lunch and birthday cake. It was not much of a "party" by most standards, but it was a PARTY to this boy.  This was all pretty last minute (I think I called our friends Saturday afternoon/evening) but it worked out great.  

I found some masks at WalMart that I thought would be fun for the kids at the party.  Q immediately put on his toughest faces when wearing the masks.   

This is as tough as it gets for KanMan

Quinn had asked for a "lightning cake" meaning he wanted a cake that had a lighting bolt on it like one of his capes.  So here is the final product with the inspiration cape behind it.  

Sunday was exciting for Quinn and he was so happy to get home after church for his "party" Here's Mabry with her weapons.  

Here's his little birthday table. 

And his birthday guests. His only friends that day were girls....his best boy buddies were out of town.  He didn't seem to mind.  Mabry, Addison, Quinn, Landrie, Chandler, and Kanyon (side note: He wanted a Captain America shield so he used a frisbee then Kory added the duck tape so he could hold it like  shield. He was pumped and, as you can see, totally feelin' the Captain America vibe. 

So very pleased. 

My 4 year old! 

He was so cute while we were all singing Happy Birthday.  He was just BEAMING (and singing along) soaking in the attention! 

Super moms....Addie, Rebekah, me, and Holly.  

The cake was devoured. 

I hit the after Halloween sale at Target and got several superhero costumes on sale and that is what we gave Quinn for his birthday.  Here he is that night before bed laying his cape out juuuuuuuuuust right.  

My parents gave him a bow and arrow and he was (and still is) pretty obsessed with it.  I was obsessed with taking pictures of him shooting it.  Its just so cute to me. 

And it wouldn't be Quinn without his rear end peeking out of his backwards undies. 

LOTS of Superhero costume wearing these days.  

Paul and Katie added to the dress up fun with Ninja Turtle masks! PERFECT! 

We had a great day celebrating Quinn!  The days and weeks leading up to his birthday we told him that 4 year olds don't cry and whine. He talked a big talk telling everyone he saw that he was gonna be 4 and 4 year olds don't cry.  I had high hopes for that brainwashing attempt but I can't say that it was successful! He's still a bit of a cry baby, but other than that the kid is a blast.  I have said so many times that I wish I could just bottle him up.  His imagination is hilarious, the things that come out of his mouth keep me in stitches. He loves music, super heroes, guns, swords, or any other weapons, and sucking his thumb with his blanket (that has all but disintegrated). He is a blast and other than making my brain explode with the amount of crying (and the volume) he is almost no trouble. He loves attention and that is usually motivation to do just about anything.  He's currently my best cuddle buddy especially if I'll tickle his back.  He seriously is gonna eat me out of house and home.  I can't imagine how much food he's gonna eat when he's 13.  I had to introduce the "Kitchen is Closed" rule with him or else I was spending my day in the kitchen FEEDING HIM!  He has a knack for remembering lyrics to songs (like his Dad) and his not-quite-right version of the lyrics are our favorites!  He's a big help to us and I know he has responsibilities and things in his life that most kids don't have but he never misses a beat. I am so so so SO glad I spend my days with him.  Happy Birthday Quinn!

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