Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stick Horse Rodeo

The first Saturday we were in our house, the boys were all working, so Susan came over and we got the kids ready for the Stick Horse Rodeo at the Winter Fair.  The boys had practiced the night before and were ready to go!  Susan took Quinn early to register and was gonna come back and get me and the other 2 kids.  When she got there it was evident we had our dates wrong! No one was there!  Upon further investigation,  we learned that the Stick Horse Rodeo was the NEXT Saturday.  No problem at all, that just gave us a WHOLE WEEK to get excited about it!  So the next Saturday FINALLY rolled around and it was time for the rodeo! 

Q and Gram walking in/Quinn practicing. 

They had all the cowboys and cowgirls sit for a picture. There were something like 64 kids that were there! 

64 kids makes for a LOT of stick horses! 

Here's my 2 cowboys waiting in line.  That was the only down side to the whole thing.  They let each kid do each event (they had 4 total) one at a time. So there was LOTS of waiting.  LOTS.  We only made it through the first 2 events which were bulldogging (they went and pushed over a bale of hay) and roping (bale of hay with a steer head on it).  After their event, they got a ribbon and got to pick a prize from the prize table.  There were lots of goodies and of course Quinn picked gun sets both times. 

We looked around at the fair some and I couldn't help but take a picture of Jaylie in her excitement watching the working dog event.  She was loving the dogs and the cows!  I think she might actually be "mooing" in this picture. 

Q takin' his stick horse for a spin outside.  

Shortly after this picture was taken he bit it.  Fell face first in the MUD.  He was covered and so was his horse.  He eventually recovered and got back on.  

A random Emu 

Chief and Jaylie June enjoying the sheep. 

The weather was perfect that day. Unless you were wanting to watch the snowmobile competition because it got canceled due to lack of snow.  This Texas girl ain't complainin'. 


martha crockett said...

What a blast! Junie is adorable in her Carhart, jeans and boots!!!!

martha crockett said...

Yea!!! Blogger is letting me comment now!