Monday, February 3, 2014

More November

Gotta love it when all 3 want Daddy and not Mommy.  haha! 

I always want to take a picture of these 2.  This is my cousin Jay who is the youngest of our Spencer Family.  He is still called Baby Jay.  Who cares if he's in his first year of Dental school, he's still a baby.  And then of course you have Baby Jaylie.  They're buddies.  So I will probably have lots of Baby Jay/Baby Jaylie pictures forever. 

And of course Annie Oakley shows her love by shooting her cousin. 

Drink thief.  

Some great, awesome,best ever friends came over one night to help  me pack up my kitchen.  Michelle, Amy, Katie (new to Longview I had just helped her move IN her house the weekend before.) Me, Mindi, Rebekah, Addie, and Stefany. It was fun......just cuz we were together, not necessarily the occasion.  

Kory took the boys for the evening and june stayed and played drums with us. 

swolen eyes and all...."GOOD MORNING!"

This was a picture from my cousin Chay's wedding in New Orleans. Shoulda been on the last post.   

I wish you could see the video I took of this, but I'm not messin' with videos on here anymore. But i heard a smacking sound and looked over to see that Jaylie was feeding her beloved Cheetah some of her pear.  I mean how do kids learn this stuff so soon! It was so so so so sweet.  What a good little cheetah mommy zoo keeper.  

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