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Kanyon went to feed with Kory and Uncle Tye today and Q and Jaylie are still asleep so I'm going to try to get caught up on some blogging.  Back blogging if you will.  This is November: 

This the position June assumes when she's throwing a fit.  It happens a lot.  It seemed to start pretty early with her (before she was 1).  Great. 

Our great friends Paul and Katie and their boys Will and Joe, in a random turn of events, moved to Longview just after Thanksgiving.  We were excited and then kinda said that they were moving just as we were leaving.  But we got to spend a few weekends with them while they looked for houses, moved in, etc.  They loved riding on a "rocket" in our backyard.  

They also loved playing on the air mattress Paul and Katie were sleeping on.  

Baby Joe and Baby Jaylie June taking a bath. 

There's not many things cuter than this: 

I can't even remember when this was, it was one of a million Ninja Turtle fights outside.  

My cousin got married in New Orleans and I really wanted to go, so between Kory and Holly Briscoe, Teresa Knight, we had the kids taken care of while Kory worked Friday.  It takes a village.   Holly sent me several pictures that day....this was one of my favorite with the boys and Addison in their capes with their wands! They had a great time! 

In the mean time I took my mom to Bourbon street.  Haha.  We got to NOLA late Friday night, and left after the wedding at about 8 and got to Longview super late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  We didn't get a ton of time there but it was fun. I don't know that I'd ever want to go spend a week there but  it would be fun to go back and eat some more places and see a little bit more than the little area we were in.  I always like it when places look like you think they you see on TV or in the movies. And it did.  Trashy streets, drunk people on the ground and all.  I really did enjoy looking at all the buildings and stuff and eating.  The wedding was right there downtown in the French Quarter and the reception was on top of a building so that was really cool.  

This was what Kory had jjp in playing outside.  Boy???

I looked outside to see this one evening.  The boys had been jumping on the trampoline and then they were all laying down one kid on each arm and I think Kory was telling them some silly story.  Pretty good stuff right there.  

Somehow this happened and I fixed it before anything toxic happened.

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaand this is my daughter. Shooting people.  Before we even got a picture of it, we were watching her play and she walked by a gun, picked it up, held it just right and started pointing it at things (and people...oops) and laughing.  I guess she's seen lots of that from her brothers. It cracked us up that she knew exactly what to do.  I finally got a picture of her in action.  

Who needs a purse when you have a tool box. (yes she has girl toys. But the ratio of boys/girl toys means that more than likely she's gonna end up with one of her brother's toys.)

Q shooting deer out the car window. 

Bundled up cutie

So in November Jaylie still wasn't walking but she started pushing these little chairs around.  All over the house! It was the funniest thing. And if she'd get stuck she would abandon ship and go get another chair from the little table. 

One day when klp was at school we went on a pointless, no time, no worries walk.  As you can see by the picture on the bottom right it was also a walk with no shame or decency. 

This sweatshirt kills me. I have millions of pictures of all 3 kids in this shirt. 

We met the Briscoes for dinner one night and the kids ended up out on this bench. They were too cute. Haha! 

more chair pushing....less clothes. 

Y'all she loves this cheetah.  Its a blurry picture but she carried it around she's roaring with it.  

Q so very proud of his "toothpaste" (or toothpick) in his mouth. 

I think there should be something in every kids life that parents can always say "yes" to.  And for now, its tattoos.  What do I care if he's covered in tattoos.  He kind of gets on tattoo kicks and we usually apply no less than 5 at a time.  

I told him to go get dressed....this is what I got. 

My lifelong best friend Alison had a baby shower in Dallas. We had a great time meeting her Dallas friends and getting together with our little ACU crew.  Haylie, Julie, Alison, Britney, and me. 

Julie's husband drove in to Dallas with her so we got to see her 2 kids (and her belly with #3).  Here I am with sweet little John Bradley.  

And here's my daughter shooting something else. 

klp did some Indian......errrrr Native American stuff at school and somewhere in there he learned to draw a sun.  So he drew this for me at home.  Perfection. 

I took this picture and about 5 min. later Q tipped the shopping cart backwards and fell on his back and the shopping cart fell on top of him.  Which was actually a good thing because then Jaylie's head hit Q instead of the floor.  Noone was hurt but boy did it cause a scene in Hancock fabric. Sheeesh!  Q SCREAMING at the top of his lungs and Jaylie was wailing almost as loud. They were both more scared than anything, but oh my goodness I thought I'd never get them quiet.  And I don't know about you, but the ladies that work at our Hancock's aren't the nicest, cheeriest ladies.  They were actually nice to us that day and so were the other grannies in there.  Ugh.  Major mom moment. Glad they were ok and it didn't turn in to a Major ER trip for stitches.  

I wish I could bottle this kid up at this age.  Its awesome (for the most part). 

I'm afraid there's more November to come.....

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