Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The day after Christmas the moving truck came to our house (talk about Bah Hum Bug!).  We did UPack/ABF moving company where they leave the truck at your house, you pack it, then they come get it and drive it for you.  We hadn't done NEAR the packing we should have so we had lots of work to do. My parents were here most of the time helping us with kids and packing.  We had lots of friends drop by and help pack, load, or clean the house.  I know I've said it before, but we have the BEST friends in the whole world!  I did a TERRIBLE job of taking pictures, but I did get a few.

Celia came by and brought a beautiful, awesome, thoughtful, and PERFECT book that she put together for Kanyon about his time with her and his horse at windridge. It was awesome. I made the mistake of reading it to the boys one night before bed a week or so ago. Not pretty.  Tears, sadness, and way too many emotions.  Between the pictures of little bitty Kanyon and thinking about how far we've come and the sweet words Celia wrote and HOW BAD WE MISS HER, it was just too much.  So from now on we will read the book in the daytime only.  Haha.  Things are usually not quite as emotional during the day!  In my moving insanity I didn't get a picture of her and Sue with Kanyon.  BOO.  But I did get one of her and Jaylie because Jaylie wanted to wear her sunglasses.  

June playing while we packed the van. The weather was great while we were packing and we were soooooo thankful! 

The company quotes you a price based on linear feet.  So my Dad headed up the team of loading with efficiency, problem solving, and puzzle skills to assure that we didn't use any more space than we were shooting for.  Patrick and Dad were a mean team the next morning....I think they took it as a challenge and I'm glad they did! They were awesome! 

Dad precisely filling an empty gap. 

Dear friends...Mindi and Cindy.  

Ricky and Cindy were in town for Christmas and we were SO HAPPY to get to see them.  They are very special friends. 

There we are at the 16ft. line with our wall up.  Way to go Dad!!!  

Saying bye to Mindi.  We'd been together since freshman year of college. She's been through it all with me.  

This was us as we were leaving.  The Morgans, Doodle, and Kasey were there and I'm so glad we got to take a picture with our house.  Leaving the house was so emotional.  I was just flooded with so many memories and sounds we'd experienced over the last 9 years. I kept wanting to tell the house "thank you" even though I realize its just a house. Its not just a house.  

We spent the last night in Longview with my aunt and uncle since we had nothing left in the house.  It was perfect to be with them.  They were absolutely one of the biggest highlights of our time in Longview.  Here's "BooBoo" feeding Jaylie her eggs.  

My kids love Steve and Mary Lynn so much and I am so thankful for the relationship they have and will always have with them.  We spent a lot of time with them and miss them TERRIBLY.  

We left Longview overwhelmed with sadness and tears, but also thankfulness for such a wonderful time in our lives.  We met the best friends that I have no doubt we will keep forever, we became a family there, we were a part of an awesome church, and both enjoyed great jobs there.  It will always be one of our homes.  Its a crazy feeling leaving a place you love and so many people you love so much.  But I kept thinking how grateful I was to have had those things and we left with confidence that the people we were leaving will continue to be a part of our lives.  If you're reading this and you're from Longview....WE MISS YOU.  And also thank you.  Our friends, family, and church family sent us off with such thoughtfulness and love.  Thank you.

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