Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This was our Paris year for Thanksgiving which means 80 something of my  mom's side of the family descends upon our house for the day. It really is lots of fun and we look forward to it every other year.  With so many cousins and growing families its often times the only time we all see each other so its a blast.  

My cousin Chay and his new wife Clair (wedding we just went to in NOLA) and their little boy Hudson drove all the way to Paris and surprised his mom and made my mom's whole Thanksgiving.  Here is Quinn with Hudson. 

And Dad taking Hudson and Claire (and of course Kanyon) on Hudson's first Mule ride! 

Jaylie June and Ellie Hobbs playing so sweet with the barn we had when we were kids. 

I play on these 2 being best friends.  I love having 2 girls so close in age (2 months)

Cousin sleepover.  7 in one room.  

We had to make a couple of trips up there to get these 2 crazies to calm down but other than that it was great.  

We did a little leaf raking so Unlce Clay went and got the Mule/Diving board for the kids. 




And klp takes the plunge.  (it was kinda funny in cuz klp would jump with no problem but they were so deep he couldn't get out.  We'd have to go fish him out. haha. 

Mal Mal and Q going together. Of course. 

You should know by now that I think kids watching TV makes the cutest pictures. But add the fact that klp is sitting in Roselyn's lap.  TOO MUCH CUTE! 

I ended my Thanksgiving break having my first ever cavity filled by my Dad.  Meanwhile Kory was in the other room getting a cavity filled which turned into a broken tooth and a crown.  Yikes.  

Clint was in charge of Kory.  

Clay showed up to offer his assistance.  I guess Dad had to check out the Xrays for himself.  

Out of order not gonna change it leaf pictures.....

Nolan got fancy with all his skateboard tricks. 

Q tried the 360 too.  And about lost his drawers. 


It got a little chilly so Ellie girl got to bundle up with Uncle Kory.  

It was a great Thanksgiving with great family. I wish I had more pictures of the actual Thanksgiving with the big family, but I did a HORRIBLE job taking pictures that day.

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Holly said...

I sure am loving all of these blog posts!!! :) keep em coming!! Miss you guys!