Monday, September 21, 2009

Eating Camp: Day 0

Eating camp Day 0. I learned in the NICU that the first day is Day zero, not 1! We got here today around 1 p.m. and have been busy ever since. We are in the exact same room as last time. Which just so happens to be the teeny tiny one, but that is really OK. I like cozy. klp has eaten once today. I fed him while they watched (I HATE doing that) and he did good. He'll eat one more time tonight.

Tomorrow we will start the regular feeding schedule. He'll be fed (purees with the spoon) 5 times a day and we are going to try to just do 3 bottles instead of 4. There will be lots of adjusting with fluids and intake as the nutritionist sees fit, but that is what we're going to start with. Tomorrow he will start his PT and OT evaluations so we'll get to meet those therapists.

I've already seen on of our fav nurses from last time and she agreed to give me my shots on the Thursdays that she is working. So that is taken care of for now.

I feel good and looking forward to getting this thing really started. The things I'm not looking forward to aren't going to go away, so we will embrace this whole thing. I've already washed klp's hands a million times. I HAVE to let him scoot on the ground, I mean i have no choice, but SHEESH i don't like it. Our rooms are all together in a pod like thing for the feeding kids ( I think there are 4 or 5) and we have a big playroom in the middle. Of course that makes me nervous because I'm not really used to community toys. They do clean them daily (or more) but I will be wiping them down every time we play. I'm just paranoid a little. The last thing I want to do while we're here is get sick. So, we'll also be praying for health for both of us as we are living amongst others!! Speaking of, I am reminded again of a trait I have discovered in myself. I consider myself a social person. I enjoy people, I thrive on being with people, I talk too much, and I enjoy meeting new people. BUT in situations like this, I'm totally anti-social. I'd rather just hang in my own room and do my own thing. I feel kinda bad. But oh well. I'm nice to the other parents, but I just don't mingle a whole lot. Hope they don't think I'm rude. The Child Life people here do lots of fun things most of which klp could care less about, but tonight they are bringing DOGS so we will for sure do that!!!

Not sure why this is so long. I won't do this every day!


Sydni said...

And... you're off. Already one day under your belt. Yay!

By the way - I wish you could/would do this every day.

Leah said...

Hooray for Day 0!
Great Hope for DAY 1.
I am very paranoid about germs to. We use way to much Lysol at my house. ;) HUGS!!!

Mindi said...

I'm a little sad that on Day 0 you already found your replacement for me! But, I know you worried about it so I'm glad she's there! Good Luck on Day 1! Love you guys!