Monday, September 14, 2009

Therapy Videos

***As you can see, my awsesome sis in law and favorite computer nerd Rachel got my computer cleaned up so I'm back to blogging. I'll be catching up so there may be several posts in one DON'T MISS ONE!!! ******

Until a few months ago, it never occurred to me to video Kanyon's therapy sessions. I'm so mad I haven't been doing it all along! It would be fun to go back and watch them and see progress. Here are a couple from the last few months.

This first one is of him practicing crawling. As I've mentioned before, he has been SO CLOSE to crawling for a while, but can't quite totally do it. Its hard to get a good video because sometimes he's REALLY good and other times he can't quite get the rhythm. This one is pretty good and I'm pleased to say that since this video, he's doing EVEN better. He can actually take a few "steps" forward without us helping him balance or supporting him or anything. His main problem continues to be that he gets too excited and tries to go to fast. His knees get too far under him and he rolls over. SOOOO its a fine line "motivating" him with the toys to crawl to us. They have to be cool enough to want to crawl to, but not too cool to get him all wound up. We have learned that we CAN NOT crawl to Daddy. That is just WAY too exciting and he wobbles and falls all over the place trying to get to him. I'm not sure that he'll decide to use crawling as a mode of transportation but we will continue to encourage him to do it more and more and hope that he will get good at it. We are so very proud of him. He works so hard.

This was exciting because its not really often that he shocks me with how good he does at something the very first time. I don't mean to sound negative and I'm not being negative about it, I just mean that usually we have to do lots of hand over hand/doing it for him/showing him what to do before he catches on. This video is of him in his gait trainer. We've had it for quite a while and he would just kinda sit on the seat and chew the velcro or maybe scoot it backwards. This day Celia (his PT) took the seat out for the first time so that he had to support himself and take the steps. She knows how to support him and keep this safe as far as his shoulders, etc. so I don't do this with him by myself. Its a professional only job at this point. I am just the idiot talking trying to get him to take steps. I had no idea what he would do when she put him in it, but Celia and I were both pleasantly surprised with his steps and his ability to provide a lot of the support on his own. He was moving it forward with his own steps! GOOOOOO Kanyon!!

In this therapy world we live in, its sometimes hard to watch EVERYTHING be so hard for him to learn, but you won't find prouder parents than those that have to watch their little one work for EVERY SINGLE move and development.


Rebekah said...

What a sweet boy! Thanks for sharing the videos with us!

Kate said...

He did such a good job in the gait trainer! Way to go Kan-Man!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, that makes me SO happy for you guys! I think seeing your kiddo vertical when they've had to work so hard is such a HUGE moment! Congrats to everyone and keep up the great work!

sharon said...

i am BEAMING!! i loved all of these videos. i, too, am so proud of kanyon!! way to go, sweet boy!! (and mama!)