Monday, September 28, 2009

Eating Camp Day 7

I guess today you could say may have been Kanyon's first "off" day since we've been here. He was fussy for PT and didn't eat good at several of his meals. I think the main problem is that he doesn't like the drinking part and since they alternate bites and drinks, if he has a stand off with the drink then he's not eating as much......if that makes any sense. Not sure why he is not into drinking, but we really need him to pick that up. Its going to be hard to get much further with his food volume if he is spending so much time with the drinking. They do 3 bites, then a round of drinks (5 sips), 3 bites, a round of drinks, etc. for 25 min. I think he's spending a lot of time with the drinking so he's not getting as much food as he could. He's actually doing well with the bites as far as not refusing and stuff.

His runny nose stuff is gone and he isn't coughing anymore. He's taken a good nap and other than banging around on the bed rails every time he rolls over in his bed he's sleeping pretty good. That didn't even wake him up til about 6am. The rest of the night he would sleep right through it.

My mom is here and that has been nice. Not only do I have the much needed and appreciated help, but I have company too!

I'm headed to my Dr. here in Dallas tomorrow. Hopefully all will be well.

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Jodi said...

I am SOOOOOOO glad you got checked out at the hosp, and of course even MORE glad that everything is fine! Yay for a good weekend with Kory, yay for your mom getting to come!, and yay for Kanyon's cold hitting the road. Still praying for all FOUR of you through all of this..... Tell Kanyon I said to chug a lug!! :) Love ya'll!