Friday, September 25, 2009

Eating Camp Day 4

I know day 4 isn't done yet, but I had a minute so I thought I'd better update:

*I got to talk to his nutritionist today and she went over all of his calorie counts and intake/fluids. She is very pleased. He has even gained a few kilos since we've been here. He is getting more than enough calories with the 3 bottles and the meals. She thinks we are close to dropping down to 2 bottles. If/when we do that, we'll have to figure out ways during the day to get water, juice, etc. in him to make sure he gets enough fluid. The thought of only 2 bottles a day makes me giddy. I mean seriously. That means I will be washing fewer bottles and I'm not complaining here, but I've (I meaning me, kory, and our moms) have been washing bottles for 2 1/2 years!!! And those crazy bottles we have to use have 5 parts each!!!! Plus the bottle we use to mix up the pedia sure and thickner!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

*Speaking of fluids, they have made a change with his drinking during meals. They were trying the honey bear cup, but today decided to switch to a little tiny cup. Like a medicine cup. They said he did much better with it when they tested it out so she wants to switch to it all the time. They said he was more willing to GO to the cup and accept it whereas he was still really aversive to taking the straw honey bear thing. Fine with me. Whatever works. Hopefully he'll start taking more and more fluids during his meals and will depend less on getting them outside of meals.

*He for sure is congested. He has is coughing right now as he naps and I feel bad for him. He acts totally fine and I really think it started out as allergies and the congestion stuck around long enough to settle into a cough. The attending physician started him on some allergy meds last night so hopefully they will stop any more congestion and we can get rid of it soon. Poor coughing baby. I hate it for him. And I haven't told him yet, but he's supposed to get his flu shot today!

*He slept ALL night in his bed!!! That means I only dealt with the normal waking up of myself trying to stay comfy (and looking at the clock to see how late it was to see how long he'd stayed in his bed!) YEAH!! Hopefully he'll sleep good tonight too, but we gotta get rid of this cough!

*The highlight of today will be when Kory gets here. We are excited to see him and I'm looking forward to having a little back up around here! :)


annalee said...

i'm so glad for the progress and that kory joins you today!

Jodi said...

Hey J-me! I've been out of town all week, so I am just now getting caught up on y'all's week! Man, you guys are BOTH troopers! Sounds like a huge adjustment that you have both just taken in stride. Amazing. Praying for a fabulous night again, and from here on out!!! Thanks for all the updates... it will now be the first thing I go to in the morning to read! LOVE Y'ALL! Glad Daddy's coming! :)

PS. Can you send me an address for you there? Can you get mail? :)

Fosters said...

Jaymie...thank-you so, so much for these daily are an amazing mom, wife and woman! I admire your attitude and perseverance! Hugs to you, Kory and KANYON!!!! Love, Marilyn

Specks said...

Way to go, Kanyon!!! I am anxious to see a pic of this new cup :). Our Speech Path. just went to a feeding conference and she has come back jazzed with a bunch of new ideas, so I will let you know if she shares anything fun. I hope you all are having a GREAT family weekend together.