Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eating Camp Day 1

We had a really good first full day today. I'll tell you a little about our schedule so you can know what our day is like. We start our day with a feeding at 8am. I got him up about 7:40 and if you know klp you know that is E-A-R-L-Y for him. He did great though. They (therapists) come get him for his feedings and then bring him back and tell me how he did. They do this 5 times a day and each meal lasts 30 min. As of now our schedule is something like meals at 8, 10, 11:30/12, 3, and 5:30. I give him a bottle after his noon feeding and then he takes a nap. We do the other bottle after his 5:30 and then his last one at night before bed. He is READY for bed by about 8-8:30 (usually he's going hard until at least 10 pm. but the early morning and early nap seems to run out) but I have to keep him up to feed him his last bottle at 9. Both nights he's been asleep by 9:30 so I feel like thats pretty good compared to his usual bed time. Along with his feeding, he has a regular speech therapy session every day for 30 min. as well as 30 min. OT and PT. Those 2 may not be every day, but they will be at least 2 times a week. The more the merrier. As you can see, the day is pretty full. That helps me a lot as I try to keep this baby in my belly. The late afernoons and evenings are going to by the longest stretches of time where I have to entertain him. That can get tricky, but we'll be just fine. The nurses and therapits are really helpful and aware of my situation and helping me lift him and stuff when I need it.

I am very thankful for one thing in particular. As a general rule, kids who are over 15 months seperate from their parents. That means the parents have to leave the hospital by 8am and can't come back until 5. They do this for the first 1-2 weeks because they say usually the child does better when the parent is gone. I was worried about doing that because Kanyon is at such an in between age that he is mobile but NOT at all independent and can't be left alone for 1 second. Not to mention the fact that if you aren't watching him, he'll lick the floor and put whatever in his mouth (unless its food of course). That with the fact that he's still taking a bottle and needs to be put down for a nap, I was just really uncomfortable leaving him. Developmentally we are still a long ways from toddlerhood where he could just play in the play room with general supervision. I just didn't feel like that was the safest thing for him. So, after telling them about my concerns they said they'd let me try it with me here and if it was a problem then we would have to seperate. I was sure he'd do fine because he's never had ANY trouble leaving me. Sure enough, someone walks through the door to our room and he turns on the charm and wins the hearts of them all. He could care less that they are taking him away from me. I'm so thankful and I hope this continues.

He ate good today and things should go pretty much the same tomorrow. No major changes.

My parents were on their way home from Abilene today so they stopped in this evening and visited us. Last night was a bad night as far as sleep goes. He didn't sleep in his bed. I think it had something to do with the fact that its as hard as a rock. That is very un like him. He never sleeps with me, but he did last night. Yeah, me and Kanyon crammed in my little hospital bed. And don't forget my belly!! Its hard enough to get comfy with just me and baby, but with klp joining us it was a rough night. For me.....kanyon slept great! I was up all night. His nap was pretty much the same. Which was actually a good thing because then I got to sleep too because he needed to be out of his bed and in mine! :) Its sweet to cuddle with my boy, but I'm hoping tonight goes better. While my parents were here, me and my mom went and bought an egg crate and got his bed all soft. HOPEFULLY it will do the trick. We'll see.

Seriously I have a typing problem. Its like I just can't stop. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We are thankful for a good first day.


Kyla said...

I'm thinking about/ praying for you all the time while you're at feeding camp. I don't care if you do long posts- i love to hear all the details! Hopefully we'll get to make a trip to Dallas while you are still there and maybe get to see you!! We'll see... Tell Kanyon we're rooting for him. :)

Kate said...


I've been thinking about you and Kanyon at feeding camp. I'm glad to hear things went well the first day and that they let you stay there during the day. I'll be praying for everything to go well for grand Kanyon, for you and baby, and for Kory as he misses y'all. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Vicky Pruitt here. I've had you and klp and Cory on my mind all week. Sounds like things are going well. I hope that klp sleeps well tonight with his egg crate et all. You take care. Sleep every minute you can...like when he is taken away from you. This is exciting to me..but I'm sure it is really hard on you and Cory. We're praying for yall. Hang in there. Love yall!