Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eating Camp Eve

We are FOR SURE leaving for eating camp first thing Monday morning. We got word that everything with insurance went through, so we are good to go. I'm packing and trying to get the house cleaned and ready for me to be gone. I'm not sure why I want it clean when I leave, its about to turn into a bachelor pad and I have a feeling its not going to stay clean. :) It is a weird feeling packing for such a long stay. Last year when I left, I was in a total stress fog so I wasn't even really conscious. This year I have a little more stability and so its just different. 6 weeks is a long time. Last year we were there almost 9. I'm not expecting that at all this time. We are trying to soak up lots of time with Ollie and LOTS of time with Daddy as our weekends just won't be long enough. I am gearing up for MAJOR Mommy Kanyon bonding time. These kinds of things are hard (and I'm sure my "take it easy" pregnancy will make it a little harder) but they are a time that me and Kanyon are in this thing together and, without trying to sound cheesy, they do kind of bond us . Or at least I think that. I'm not sure that klp spends much time thinking about bonding.

I have every reason to believe that Kanyon will be resilient and respond great to the intensity of this whole thing, but I can't help but worry just a little that he will crash under the pressure. He's NEVER done that....when the going gets tough, the Grand Kanyon shows up takes it, so I'm hoping he will do that this time. Please pray for him. This is going to be a lot for him to take in and process. Not only will the feeding be intense, but he will be getting PT and OT every day (as opposed to 2 times a week) which will be great, but that is lots of work. Our schedule will for sure change feeding and sleeping. He's used to staying up late and sleeping late, not sure that will work there. AND we'll be sleeping and playing and spending our days in a new place that is very different from home without our rocking chair, toys, and our DADDY! Just pray that the little man handles it well. These are the times that I really depend on that personality of his that just goes with the flow and rolls with the punches.

I am going to have a lap top with me so hopefully I can update often and let klp fans know how he's doing. Thanks for your prayers for the Phillips Phamily. Again.


Anonymous said...

Jaymie, We'll be praying for you and Kanyon this week. I know it must be tough on you and him to be away from home, but just remember, the more you take care of before the baby comes, the better off you'll be. You're an extra strong girl and God will give you strength once again. Nathan and I love reading your blog and seeing pictures and videos of Kanyon. He's precious!!!I love you and wish you the best at camp.
Love, Renee

erin f. said...

Praying for you and you guys.

Hilary said...

Praying for your family! :)

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

We'll be praying for y'all, Jaymie. Have a safe trip!

Holly said...

Hope you made it there safe & sound and are well on your way to eating champs! We'll be praying for you guys while you are away and we sure will miss ya! Don't worry, we'll feed Kory, too! Praying, praying, praying for you!!