Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pics from Day 0

Paul and Katie came to visit last night and bring me dinner and it was SOOOO good to see them! It also worked out that me and Katie have the same camera so she let me borrow her USB til mine gets here this weekend. So, I will share a few pics from yesterday and before.

We stopped by Daddy's office on the way out of town. Of course klp insisted on sitting in the big chair all by himself!

Adam and Doodle and Caden came to church with us Sunday and Caden and Kanyon had lots of fun playing at the window. I'm so MAD I didn't get a picture of them together during Sunday School. They love each other.

We got in some fun times with the Corbitts Saturday night. The Corbitt kids loved Kory and as you can see, Kanyon just loves smiling for the camera!

Here is the Eating Camp Man himself on Day 0. He had just gotten his ID bracelet on his ankle and was loving the window by my bed. He LOVES it still! He also loves this toy that a friend from church gave him. I have the best friends in the world. They sent me off with bags full of snacks, books, etc. and toys for Kanyon. He loves this key! Thanks guys!

Well, Dog night was a bust. He could've cared less. He just wanted to scoot around out of the room. He did find it a bit interesting that this dog looked just like Ollie. He took a good look at him and told him he was an IMPOSTOR!!

Day 1 update coming later.


Amy said...

Love the updates about Kanyon. He is just so precious! I'll definitely be praying for you guys over the next several weeks as you are at Eating Camp. I can only imagine how hard it is and what a crazy schedule you must have trying different things and trying to fit in all of his therapies. I know it must be tiring so hang in there, you are an awesome mommy!

Speaking of feeding, we started at OCH in Grapevine last week for feeding therapy so I'm right there with ya on the whole feeding thing. Thanks for all of your wisdom and encouragement. We'll be praying for Kanyon and for you, baby, and Kory. Take care!

Specks said...

Loving your updates~ way to go, feeding team Phillips!!! I am so excited to hear how everything goes. Kanyon is a rock star and I'm sure he will capture everyone's hearts there immediately. I am right there with you about not being super social in situations like that... we are so alike :). Praying for you all. KJS