Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eating Camp Day 2

Its been another good day here. We had a little better night last night as he made it in his own bed until 3 am. (as opposed to 11:30 the night before) and we both slept better. Hopefully he'll get adjusted to the new place and sleep better.

They have made a couple of changes but nothing major. We're trying Pediasure with fiber to help with his.........**system** so we'll see how that goes. One of his therapists today said that he was drinking from his cup better. That is the newest thing and the thing he needs the most work on. Maybe I'll get a picture of the cup they're teaching him to use. Its a honey bear cup. Literally, its a honey bear like you eat honey out of with a straw coming out the spout. We can squeeze the drink up the straw until he learns to suck. We'll see.

Here are a few pics

His bed is cage-like. Especially when I raise the bar all the way up. He actually doesn't mind it. He's playing in it right now. In this pic he's enjoying his dump truck in his bead....

then CHUNKING it over the rail...his REAL favorite thing to do. He's really in to throwing.

If we're not in therapy, you can probably guess that we're here. On my bed by the window. He LOVES it and has so much fun.

klp continues to have lots of drainage. He has for a few weeks and its just clear snot (nice info, right?) But of course we don't want it to get worse. He's started coughing some today and I'm just hoping this whole thing stays harmless. We need a HEALTHY KANYON!


Specks said...

Way to go Kanyon! You are such a big boy and I love that pic of you sitting up so big by the window. I have heard about that honey bear sipping cup~ how awesome that he is learning that. Praying that you guys continue to get plenty of sleep and rest when you can. You are an AMAZING mommy, so never ever forget that.

Sydni said...

I'm so glad last night was better! Maybe they'll just keep getting better and better.

That is so great about the cup.

These daily updates with pictures & details are fabulous. Seriously. Thank you!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the updates! Keep it up! We are praying for eating camp to go well and for it to go by fast! Love ya!

Teresa said...

I'm so glad Kanyon is having good days at feeding camp! Sounds like you have a busy schedule. I never could sleep with my kids, even when I wasn't pregnant. I would wake up at every sound and movement. Kory was planning to join us for dinner tonight, but it is basketball night. We will try again another time. Love you and Kanyon!!