Monday, September 14, 2009

Picture Post

First of all, we were set to leave for Eating Camp today, but we are not leaving today. They are still ironing out some insurance things so hopefully we will leave tomorrow. we go.

Kanyon is obsessed with the dishwasher and he can hear me open it all the way across the house and he comes running.......scooting I mean. The kind of speed scooting where his rear end barely touches the ground, it just glides across the floor so fast that he's almost flying! Kory called me to the entry way a few nights ago and this is what we found in our front door. He must've grabbed a spatula while I was unloading the dishwasher. And apparently, he was trying to pry his way outside.

Several weeks ago 4 of Kory's best friends came in to town for his 30th bday. Kory had no idea they were coming, so it was fun to surprise him. It was so fun to let those boys be together and laugh. They are so much fun and we had a great weekend! Thanks for coming guys!

Frank with Kanyon, Scott, Paul, Kory, and Myles
BUT an even better part was that their wives got to come too! It is so hard to get us all together I couldn't believe that it worked out. It was so fun! And in case you're wondering, Kanyon was NOT starving for attention!
Frank and Jen with Kanyon, Scott and Paula, Paul and Katie, Me (baby) and Kory, Myles and Lisa

I'm telling on myself here. I just had to take a picture of Kanyon's booty. I mean seriously!! This is what his clothes look like at the end of the day.....or half way through the day. I PROMISE I mop! I really do, its just a losing battle with this little boy. If I ever have another boy all of their hand-me-down clothes will be stained on the right cheek!

klp has recently taken an interest in the TV. We got an entertainment center so the TV is lower now, so I think he can just finally see it. This particular day it was Jeopardy, but Wheel of Fortune is another favorite. He sits in the same spot, usually chewing on something and takes in a little TV.....goes and plays....then comes back for more. I'm thinking watching Jeopardy is probably going to make him a genius.

He hears the camera and this is what I get. Its almost impossible to get a picture of him DOING something like watching TV because he hears the beep and flashes this cheesy grin!
Kory and I are Popsicle lovers and now, so is klp. I was eating one the other night and he would NOT let me eat in peace. He was licking the thing like crazy. So I decided to just share it with him. He wasn't very patient when we "took turns" so I just shared it with him at the same time.

Again, he hears the camera and does this. It took forever to get a picture of him licking because he kept doing this!

At Kory's softball game klp was kept busy by Addison's sand bucket. He played with it much like the bowl and spoon in the video. That lead to mud all over the face.

This picture is for the Tutts. Some of our sweet friends from church have 2 little boys that have been very LOYAL prayer buddies and friends to Baby Kanyon. They wanted him to have this Tshirt so they gave it to us back when Kanyon was still in the hospital. Well, he can finally wear it!! I took this picture just for them. As you can see, he LOVES it! Thanks boys!!

Now for BABY stuff. Here is the only belly shot I've taken this whole time. I look terrible, but I'm not too worried about it. I was around 23 weeks when this was taken.

Here is our latest sono of baby. Its one of the cool/freaky 4D pics. Its kind of a profile shot.

Here is the old fashion picture that is a little easier to see. This is the profile.

What does it look like to you??? Boy or Girl??


The Longley's said...

I'm loving your posts!

annalee said...

so much to say!
1)i'm so glad you got therapy videos. it can be hard for sure, but i know nothing beats the moment he accomplishes each milestone!
2) you are looking good momma!
3) the picture of you and kanyon sharing a popsicle and him grinning is my favorite picture. so, so cute.
4) i feel you on the dirty booty on all clothes! i can't even imagine how many bottles of oxiclean we have been through:)

Holly said...

Wow! You've been a busy blogger since I've been gone. Just getting caught up here and had all sorts of great things to read & see. I loved those videos that you posted. I love that you shared them and to be able to see how awesome Kanyon does. He is amazing, truly. Also, the latest pics are too cute! That new little one looks adorable already, I just can't wait to meet him/her! And YAY YAY YAY for being pregnant longer than you ever have before. What an AMAZING feeling! I know that you are so relieved, excited, happy, nervous all at the same time. Just know that we pray for you often and will continue to do so until newest little Phillips joins this Decemeber!! It was heart wrenching to me to read your "Nervous" post. In a lot of ways, I think that I can sympathize, as I know I will be a HUGE ball of nerves if we ever decide to have a baby again, too, but I know that you have been thru so much and have so much more that is on your mind, so in that regards I can only IMAGINE just how nerve-wracking each and every day is. Please please please let us know if there is anything we can do & again, know that I am praying for God's peace to guard your heart & your mind. We'll miss you while you're in Dallas!!!!

Brooks Family said...

great 3D pic! those can be a little tricky sometimes. i love the profile one too! and don't be too mad if the sono girl accidentally says something...i know how HARD it is to keep that a secret; especially when you are getting seen alot. because whether she says so or not, she probably really DOES know what it is. but hopefully she won't say! have a great day!!
mandy b

Leah said...

I think it's a boy!
I think Kanyon is CUTE! EXSP when he is smiling BIG with his popcicle.
I think you look AWESOME!A beauty for sure!
I think you and Kory are WONDERFUL parents. :)

Hicks Family said...


Jodi said...

I'm thinking boy too..... and you look SOOOOOOOO great most-you've-ever-been-preggo. LOVE it. :)

Great posts!!! Yay for your computer being back! We're working on ours.... I'm jealous. :)

Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

I must say I hope it's a boy just b/c I'm having a boy and they will be like a week apart. Also, it's so fun having two of the same so close in age. I need to post a pic of me. I am way bigger than you. I know the last time we saw one another we looked about the same. I wish my belly still was the size of your's!