Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Post for Now--Fun Videos!

Ok...just got a call from the clinic...we're not headed there tomorrow either! UGHHH! I am ready to get this thing started so we can get back home! I'll post when we get there and let you know to officially begin praying for EATING CAMP!!!

These are just a couple of funny videos of Kanyon enjoying life. This first one shows his "puppy" side. Because he needs his good hand to scoot, he often carries things in his mouth while he's scooting around. I think he looks like a little puppy. This booster seat is his FAV thing to drag around. ALL OVER THE HOUSE!

This last one is long and maybe pretty boring after a while. A couple of weeks ago when the weather was nice and cool, Kory wanted to give Kanyon his last bottle out on the porch. klp LOVES to sit on the swing on the porch so that was great. So, I sent them out to eat around 9-9:30. I showered, cleaned up the kitchen, did lots of other things assuming KLP was feeding klp and then settling in to go to sleep. FINALLY at like 10:30 I thought, "Oh, they must've fallen asleep out there on the porch. How cute!" So I opened the back door and was slammed with the sounds of laughter and squealing. The neighbors' dogs were yelping and barking and klp was LOVIN' it!! So being the fun (non bedtime minded) daddy that he his, KLP joined in the fun and yelled and laughed along with him. Contributing greatly to the explosion of FUN Kanyon was having. I ran and got my camera and since it was dark, there is only sound, but that was the best part. You'll notice klp has the hiccups. He had been laughing really hard for a long time. Hopefully you can tell the difference between the dogs barking, Kory's laughing, and Kanyon's squeals and laughs. Enjoy!


mindy said...

Hey, sweet Jaymie...just got all caught up reading all the posts and seeing all the videos. Way to go, Kanyon! I am also so thrilled that your pregnancy is going well and will continue to lift you up to the Father continually. Your's and Kory's strength and faith is so remarkable and inspiring...Kanyon will grow up with that same strength and faith...the best gift you can give your child. Love you!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

So cute! I enjoyed reading your other posts as well. Hope y'all get everything straightened out and GOOD LUCK at Eating Camp! We'll be praying for y'all!

Jodi said...

SO CUTE! I loved the non-video video. Precious sounds. :)

Looking forward to GREAT news about eating camp! :)

Anonymous said...

I miss that little boy! I heard him talking in that first video!!!! I cant wait to see him and hear it in person! Get here quick! -KLW

Silverthornes said...

the videos are precious! I know you will always treasure these. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

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